Presserecht für die journalistische Praxis

nr-Fachkonferenz 20./21. März 2015
Mediencampus Villa Ida der Medienstiftung der Sparkasse Leipzig

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Albrecht Ude

Netzwerk Recherche
Albrecht Ude is based in Berlin (Germany) and Friesland, works as freelancing journalist, researcher and research-trainer (online-researches, source checking, fact checking and security issues).
writes for several newspapers and magazines, print and online. focusses on structured internet researches, privacy and security, censorship and civil rights in the digital world.
teaches at journalist’s academies, publishing companies and broadcasting stations inhouse, also at universities.engages as editor in chief of the newsletter of the German investigative journalists association “netzwerk recherche”.

Homepage at www.ude.de

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Friday, March 20

13:30 CET